July 13, 2010

July Issue.

Heello everyone,
sorry but the July Issue is totally not happening D;

I'm using another computer and it doesn't have
Photoshop .. Sorry !!
Hopefully that the August/September will come!

As soon that get's fixed :)

Thank you,
The InsideOut Mag. ,
~ Babymileey ~


June 30, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens graphic.

Hello Everybody :)
I gotta post something today..

Today I made a retouch of Vanessa Hudgens, and
I also decorated... hehehee ~

Yeeah, so here go:

/ ~ BEFORE ~ \

\~ AFTER ~ / (heaven)

Raainbow muchh ?!
Yeeah, that's all for this month June.
I was bored so I made this ^_^
See you next Month (;

Comments below,
pleease, I need your opinion.
Thank yoou, xoxxo,

June 25, 2010

Hair Style.

Heey everyone,
so today I made this special
new hair style for all of you guys ^_^


So you can basically just copy and paste it, its for the people
who loves to make graphics, you can
copy the hair style that I've made for you :)

If you don't liked the colour, you can just change itt.

Since that the June Issue is not coming out, at least I made
a surprise :D

And of course I would love credits for me.

Thank yoouu ,
Have a wondeeeerful day !



May 08, 2010


Hello, Welcome to The Inside Out Magazine !!
First Issue is coming soon !!
We need Graphic Designers and Writers, if you want to join us,
contact: member Babymileey
Thank you .

Owner: Babymileey.